Personally: Married since the early nineties, I have four children – one born every decade; the eighties, the nineties, the noughties and the twenty-tens! My hobbies include photography, pinball and pool.

Professionally: I started working with computers in the mid-eights and full time on the Internet soon after starting byronbay.com in 1997.

Having published dozens of popular travel portals, my skills cover all aspects of Internet marketing; SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, blogging, social media, video, etc. AKA content marketing.

Since 1997, byronbay.com has been the number one ‘Byron’ website. In fact, it continues to attract, inform and engage with about two-thirds of the regions visitors via its website, blogs and social media.

I have been on the board of the Byron Visitor Centre, the Holiday Letting Organisation and am currently VP of Destination Byron. as a cheerleader for the Byron region, I try and work with local professionals before hiring businesses from out of town.

I am always open to new challenges and interesting collaboration opportunities.